52 Week Blog Challenge


I have “Bloggers Block” quite a lot. I’m hoping between this 52 week blog challenge and Daily Prompt, I’ll have plenty to post. I’m not starting this until the New Year but I’m going to have daily posts for DAILY PROMPT
So here is what to expect each week from this challenge, and I’ll post every Thursday:
Week One: Meet The Blogger
Week Two: Behind The Scenes
Week Three: Strengths & Weaknesses
Week Four: Things I Spend My Money On
Week Five: Why I Started Blogging
Week Six: Meet My Pet
Week Seven: Playing Chef
Week Eight: What’s In My Grocery Cart
Week Nine: Love/Hate Relationships
Week Ten: A Day In The Life
Week Eleven: Favorite TV Shows
Week Twelve: My Bucket List
Week Thirteen: Be The Change You Wish To See
Week Fourteen: My Favorite Things
Week Fifteen: Instagram Roundup
Week Sixteen: You May Not Know
Week Seventeen: Becoming A Better Me
Week Eighteen: A Letter To My Younger Self
Week Nineteen: Most Embarrassing Story
Week Twenty: Meet My Husband
Week Twenty-One: My Bad Habits
Week Twenty-Two: What’s On My Phone
Week Twenty-Three: What Blogging Has Taught Me
Week Twenty-Four: 3 Cities I Want To Visit
Week Twenty-Five: Currently
Week Twenty-Six: DIY
Week Twenty-Seven: My Favorite Quotes
Week Twenty-Eight: OCD Habits
Week Twenty-Nine: Ten Years From Now
Week Thirty: Planner Showcase
Week Thirty-One: #Throwback Thursday
Week Thirty-Two: This Is My City
Week Thirty-Three: Well Someone Has To Say It
Week Thirty -Four: First World Problems
Week Thirty-Five: QOTW
Week Thirty-Six: Songs That Speak To Me
Week Thirty-Seven: Listers Gotta List
Week Thirty-Eight: 3 Life Lessons
Week Thirty-Nine: Adulting 101
Week Forty: Guilty Pleasures
Week Forty-One: Organize Me
Week Forty-Two: Favorite Bloggers
Week Forty-Three: Top 5 Pet Peeves
Week Forty-Four: Favorite Online Shops
Week Forty-Five: Top Pinterest Finds
Week Forty-Six: My Hero(s)
Week Forty-Seven: What’s In My Purse
Week Forty-Eight: 5 Years From Now
Week Forty-Nine: Make Me Up
Week Fifty: A Review
Week Fifty-One: Inspiration For The Soul
Week Fifty-Two: Goals For Next Year
And there we have it. A long list and I’ll have other daily posts too so stop back frequently. Better yet…
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Evading Agility

I’ve become sporadic in posting daily due to starting a new project that I’m having fun with but for some reason every other day I grab a new notebook and start over. Umm Hello?! So I do apologize and will post a daily prompt as often as I can. Once I get this project going the way I want then I’ll post here more often.

In the mean time today’s daily prompt is Agile. Hrmmm. What’s that? I don’t know one bit about agile. I’ve never had agility in my entire life. I couldn’t even run well when I was a child. We played kickball in grade school and low and behold I’d either miss the ball with my foot or I’d get taken out 5 feet away from home plate. I couldn’t hit a softball if my life depended on it and ever since I can remember I’ve always stumbled, tripped and bumped into things or smashed my head on the coffee table. Please don’t ask about that last one. It’s rather embarrassing even though I was a toddler.

My parents were always afraid I’d fall and rip the back of my head open. Probably with good reason. Now I’m older and have had practice walking I don’t trip and fall as often. However I still bump into things and if I was to run I’d tip over into the ditch. I really wish I was agile. To be able to play sports, jog and even do yoga without making myself look like an idiot.

Maybe someday I wont care one way  or the other but right now agility is a bit important to be able to get around without someone guiding me and holding me up 😉



Monkeying Around



Photo Courtesy of Pixabay



I have to be out of my mind writing this post on my notebook in tablet mode. I’m entertaining myself while my husband sleeps. I’m left watching pythons, boas and anacondas on the tv. He’s got the remote and I don’t want to wake him up.

I was told at the end of  church, that today is a lazy day. Entertainment isn’t my forte at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s entertaining someone else or myself. It’s an effort of waited energy in my own opinion. So my plan after posting here is to work on today’s Boho Berry Challenge, post it and finally curl up with my coffee and read until I get hungry or fall asleep.

I hope you have better luck trying to entertain than I am.



Creativity Downer


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Until January 1st I am left forlorn. I have started a Bujo (Bullet Journal). Unfortunately I have to use one of those gnarly journal books that doesn’t leave much for creativity. I have to wait to get to Staples so I can get a dotted journal and the other supplies I need. I’m left complaining, almost in tears every time I open the journal book.

It’s insane when you want to be creative and organized but are left to use the supplies you have and they aren’t working out. Forlorn for expressing myself, growing and becoming productive. It’s sad. It’s a downright shame.

I’ll stay forlorn for another whole 23 days, and I’m hoping they don’t drag!


Funnels To Potholes


Picture Courtesy of Pixabay


Funny this word came up considering I had a dream that contained a blue funnel. But that’s not what I’m going to blog about today. I know don’t tell me, I need to stop teasing about subjects and just get on with it. Okay so here it goes:

Have you ever had times in your life where it felt like you were stuck in a whirlpool only to be sucked down the bottom? I was actually thinking that life can be like a toilet. Not everyday, but just every now and then. When things go wrong, keep going wrong and go from bad to worse. Then in a sudden rush your on your way to the bottom of the…

Well I wont go there, that’s for sure. But don’t you agree that life’s funnels can be a bit intimidating and makes us feel for sure unsure and desperate? Drowning in the proverbial crapper and that the funnel seems never ending?

This seriously sounds like I’m having a down day doesn’t it? Like I have a new ticket for the ride? Nah. Not at all. I haven’t been in a funnel since before I met my husband. Now instead of funnels I have pot holes.