So Strange


Tux sleeping with his head hid in shame 😛



I woke up this morning excited to get internet and cable. I’ve been waiting a long time for it. While the installer was doing his work I was working on a puzzle. My brain was thinking that it’s only three more days until the big day.

Only three days?! I am getting married the 20th and although it was supposed to be a simple and sweet ceremony with no reception, it’s become chaos. More than just a few friends and couple of family members are coming along with a mass of our church congregation. The congregation decided to  put on a reception for us. Flowers, food and cake. And my cute little bunch of fake flowers I was planning on carrying has turned out to be a bundle of flowers to carry in my arms. It’s amazing, and humbling to me that so many people care about my special day the way they do. Our wedding rings are at the Pastor’s office and Sunday when we go to service we’ll bring our unity candle and the cake servers to the fellowship room and hand them over to the wonderful woman who bought our wedding cake for us. So strange anyone would go through all the trouble they are just for my angel and I. I’m in awe. I’m also nervous, anxious and excited. We are having The Cherokee Prayer too. We couldn’t go through our wedding without it.

The ceremony is being recorded and I think it will be VHS but not sure. I’m going to see if I can find someone to use my phone to take random pictures so I can post them here Monday night or Tuesday morning. I’m not sure just what He has planned.

Besides getting ready for the wedding we’ve been spending a lot of time cleaning, organizing and getting things for the apartment so it’s just they way we want it. I do know that our furbaby is thrilled to run from the front room to the bathroom and back while his high on catnip has him hyper. It seems good to not be stressed out and wanting to cry. I still want to stay home most of the time. It’s my safe place, and I’m comfortable. My social anxiety is still high but since being with R it’s not quite so bad. I am surrounded by an incredible church family that has accepted me without question or hesitation, and I’ve got an amazing man who loves me more than I ever thought possible, treats me with respect and expects nothing of me he wouldn’t be willing to do himself. And I’ve got an insanely wonderful mother who loves me unconditionally and seems we are getting closer and closer. I’m greatly blessed!

Now I’m off to work on a puzzle or maybe work on my hooded scarf I’m making.

God Bless!

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