Relaxing for me has different forms. My mood, the day of the week, whether or not “R” has to work or not, and errands we may have. His days off I do random things while he catches up on sleep. Everything from taking a nap with him, knitting on the loom, working on  puzzles, cleaning, reading, writing and/or even just curling up on the bed and watching the television. It’s noisy where we live. It’s a main street with high traffic and the road is only feet away from our windows. The neighbors are constantly fighting with each other, banging things and stomping on the floor.

Lately their favorite thing is extremely loud music. That last one wouldn’t be bad if they had a taste for music I like. They don’t. I’m learning to tune them out. I put earbuds in and listen to my own music or Bluetooth the tv to my alarm clock with earphones plugged into it. All this time during the day my darling is getting woke up, getting grumpy like a bear and when it gets to his boiling point he tends to let them know if they don’t quiet down the  police will be stopping by their apartment. They do quiet down for a bit.

When he has to work he wakes up and gets ready for work at 3pm and heads out the door at 4pm. Because of his work there’s no set schedule of when he punches out so He can come home at 9pm or anywhere after. Now and then I don’t see him walk in the door until after midnight. It’s these nights where I get my own time. I don’t do much other than the usual I do during the day, except I clean a lot more because it’s easier to do tediously when he’s not home.

The nights he’s home it’s usually cuddling in front of the TV and dozing off. I actually cook a dinner for us and we unwind playing our games (he on his phone, me on my laptop or tablet). Then it’s more TV until we fall asleep.

I know rather boring for most but it’s cozy and comfortable since I’m not a social butterfly. My little things here at home keep me content. “R” keeps me content. We are known to wrestle and pick on each other to keep things fun and make sure smiles remain on our faces.

Daily routines make things less stressful, making sure we have quality time with each other as well as to ourselves on a daily basis. Handing everything over to God and doing the best we can is all we actually can do. A lot of things we can’t do on our own in our own way. Sometimes the Lord has other plans or feels we aren’t quite ready for what we want. I’m oh so happy with that. After all it took 47 years for me to have my soul mate walk into the room and all I did was ask God to bring me the one person He had planned for me to spend the rest of my life with. He did. When he planned it for me and not before. That itself is enough to sit back, relax and leave it to God. That saying “God helps those who help themselves.” is 100% true but not the way I want it, when I want it or how I want it. Only the way God planned it for me before I was born.

Don’t take that last paragraph the wrong way. I’m not preaching or pushing my religion onto anyone. I’m voicing my beliefs in hopes that someday when I really need a reminder… I have one. I’m a Baptist and yes I do talk about The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. But I’m in no way expecting anyone to see things my way or start believing as a Christian. I am who I am because of my religious beliefs as well as the paths I’ve traveled before I found God.

With that being said. My fiancé is about ready to wake up to go to work and I need to figure out what I’m going to have for dinner. So I hope you have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening. I’ll be back to post something interesting tomorrow.

God Bless


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