Okay so tomorrow is the big day. I’m getting married to my soul mate and I am excited, nervous, anxious and terrified all at once. So to get my mind off of it for a little bit I’m going to indulge you in some tidbits. Just random things about me.

  1. Favorite drinks: Coffee and Mountain Dew (Monster if I can get a hold of it).
  2. Favorite comfort food: Grilled Cheese with Mozarella.
  3. Favorite snack: Salt & Vinegar chips.
  4. Favorite place in the house: The rocking chair by the window.
  5. Favorite place to go: My mom’s.
  6. Favorite colors: black, pink & white and autumn colors.
  7. Favorite song: “You Lift Me Up” by Josh Groban.
  8. Favorite genre of music: Iconic rock and strangely (grins) I enjoy Love Metal.
  9. Favorite band/music artist: Appocalyptica (Finnish Band).
  10. Favorite celebrity: Norman Reedus.
  11. Favorite movie: Boondock Saints (I & II).
  12. Favorite TV show: The Walking Dead.
  13. Favorite comfort clothes: Giant “Hustle” T-shirt & leggings with my kitty cat slipper socks.
  14. Favorite season: Autumn.
  15. Favorite holiday: Christmas.
  16. Places I’ve lived: Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio.
  17. I am a mommy to a furbaby named Tux who thinks he’s human most of the time instead of a cat.
  18. I wear my hair up in a pony tail or in a half ponytail most of the time.
  19. I separate M&M’s by color and eat them one color at a time (Skittles & Nerd candy too).
  20. I fall asleep with the television on at night.

Ok so there is 20 random things of favorites and strange things I call quirky. And I think I’ll call it here so I can get things together, do my nails and finish eating my dinner.

God Bless.


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