Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only day we are thankful for the people and good things we find in our lives. We should be thankful everyday. The holidays are usually just the trigger when we have everyone in our lives at once for one day.

I’m thankful everyday although I remember only being thankful on Thanksgiving and grateful on Christmas. Even the years when I didn’t have a way to celebrate and didn’t have family and friends, I found something to be thankful for. The years I wasn’t really thankful were the ones I was either too depressed to acknowledge the holiday or I was too young to realize I should be.

Today I’m thankful in a huge way. I don’t have the huge family and a lot of friends. What I do have, I treasure.

I’m thankful for each day I wake up and have another chance at making that one day count as one of the best. Because I’m breathing and feeling.

I’m thankful for having an incredible husband to share each of those days with. The bad and the good. Mostly good.

I’m thankful to have a sweet furbaby who keep me smiling when I need a soft nuzzle or a purr to let me know he is thankful for me everyday.

I’m thankful for having a mom that although we didn’t always get along, has always loved me unconditionally and has sacrificed so much for me.

I’m thankful for having an amazing, unselfish and caring man for a father who took me fishing, hunting, logging, target practicing and who taught me about cars and let me work on them with him.

I’m thankful for the few and sweet treasured friends I have.

I’m thankful for the food in my stomach everyday, for the warm and inviting place to live.

I’m thankful for the sunrises and sunsets I get to see every morning and every evening

I’m thankful for my church family.


With that being said I believe I’m about to get my puzzle thrill on. I’ve got three done and glued. One done and needs to be glued. I’m still in stuffed mode so I’ll probably wait until tomorrow to work on them and curl up in bed and pass out watching television.

God Bless.

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