How Many Days?


Christmas is just around the corner. How many days?

Exactly 30!

And I’m nowhere near ready. Although my husband is playing it smart this year. He’s giving his family money so they can get what they want. Me? Well I kind of spoiled mom early this year but will be getting her the pajamas she’s been begging me for and a shirt she’s seen on me and did all but rip it off me. Other than that I think it will be treating my husband to a DVD set of season 1-4 of CSI or NCIS. Two of his favorite shows.

I have a very small wish list because ultimately I got what I really wanted. Marriage to my soul mate.

So here is my little wish list:

  • Red toaster with 4 slots to match our décor in the kitchen (mini Kureig, pots & pans).
  • A  few more puzzles (evil grin).
  • Walking Dead series 1 thru 7.
  • A pajama day in bed with my husband, no phone ringing and no one needing help or a ride. Just the two of us, the furbaby and movies!
  • Olive Garden salad.

Yes folks that’s it!

What’s on your wish list?

It’s time to curl up and finish watching Interstellar and see if I can take a nap.

God Bless


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