Why Blog?


There are so many blogs. Bloggers have different purposes for them and each has their own message they convey. I thought long and hard about why I started this blog, the plans and goals I have for it. And yes I have decided what my little niche in the blogging world is.

Why blog? I have this insane urge to share. Whether it’s a book review, a movie recommendation, a recipe or insight into my day. I’m not a fashionista, nor am I exactly makeup savvy. But I can cook, bake, knit, crochet, write, draw and I read.

My niche? That is something that took a lot of debating about. I’ve decided to turn the my blog into a Lifestyle/Personal blog. Sharing what I know, learn and hopefully have posts that readers can enjoy.

There are so many blogs, and each one is authentically the extension of the blogger herself/himself. I’ve seen everything from author blogs, poetry, Fashion, Diet & Exercise, and so many others. I can only be myself and allow my blog to be a part of me.

I’m not sure if you blog and if you do, why? But I do hope it’s a part of who you are, showing your one uniqueness and your personality. I can only try to make this blog what it should and could be. I hope you join me on my journey of self discovery and to share the many facets of my lifestyle.

God Bless


3 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. fulltimefulllife says:

    We, too, debated for a while before starting our blog as there are already so many out there. But there are so very few written from a full-time working woman’s perspective. We are sharing our personal ideas for saving money, spending time wisely and still having fun and enjoying life while holding a full-time job outside the home. If you have a chance, come visit us at fulltimefulllife.com


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