Cat & A Bad Reaction



Our furbaby is a cat named Tux. He’s about the craziest I’ve ever seen a cat get. He thinks he has to have food in his bowl 24 hours a day.  He’s also 4 years old and 16.9 (maybe a bit more) lbs. And he’s been losing patches of fur and itching constantly.

This is a big problem for him and I because it’s him literally itching and chewing on himself to try to stop the itching and I’m sitting here telling him “No” and wondering why.

After getting his claws trimmed down and asking the girl who trimmed them what she thought after mentioning to me that it looked like he was over washing himself and might want to take him to the vet. Umm yeah she had no other suggestions. So I went to the local pet store and asked the very experienced person behind the counter.

First question he asked was “What does he eat?” When I told him he shook his head and started to explain that animals can get an allergy to grain and they can itch and lose fur or even break out in hot spots. He suggested we try changing the cat food for a bit and see if that changes his situation. We did and he was getting his hair back.

The suggested diet for him was Salmon cat food with no grain/wheat, no by products and no additives. During the two weeks we tried the new cat food he didn’t lick, chew or constantly change positions. We ran out of the salmon food and ended up having to use some “grain cat food” for a few days and the hair loss, licking and chewing returned.

So the lesson to this story is regardless of what you have to do….

DO NOT revert back to old food when your cat (or dog) has an allergy to grain/wheat.

Tux is back on the salmon food (No wheat/grain, no fillers, no by-products, and he’s thrilled. I’m still having to shake a finger at him as he sits in front of his food bin and cries over and over that he’s starving to death. And we know a 16.9 lb cat is far from starving. He is fed twice a day, plenty of toys, cuddles and nuzzles. His eyes and taste buds are bigger than his belly.

If trying this hadn’t changed his situation after the two weeks with gradual improvement he would have been sitting at the vets with his ears flat, baring his teeth and pretending to be a vicious dog. And enjoying spending his mom & dad’s money the entire time no doubt.

Sometimes things that seem really complicated have extremely easy solutions and great outcomes!


God Bless

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