SNOW – Nasty 4 Letter Word?


Is snow that nasty 4 letter word for you?

It is for me until I get beyond the initial shock of cold and can see beyond my hat, scarf, mittens and over-sized winter coat with 3 sweatshirts under it.

I live in New England. Southern Vermont to be exact and we get Nor’ Easters, which are equal to blizzards. We also get the “Farmers Manure” snow fall that amounts to slush and feels like stepping in a fresh cow patty without the smell. We also get flurries that can last anywhere between 5 mins and two or three hours and end up just a dusting. The last winds down by melting with a blast wind and then sunshine. Regardless when you live where I live (with the exception of Canada and Alaska you expect the worst when they forecast snow.

As I sit here now the snow is falling. Day one of a series of a couple to a few days of snow fall (And being the North East can change at a drop of a penny or dime) and I’m not thrilled. This is the first “real snowfall” we’ve had minus a half hour dusting last week which melted with the sun rise. the 20 and 25 degree Farenheit is a shock to my system when I’d been so used to the warmer Autumn we had (warmer than normal for the first three or four weeks) which gradually decreased over the following days.

Am I ready for bundling up? Absolutely not! No where near ready. I was actually hoping for a dry winter (As I realized the dryer the winter, the colder). So I’m going to suck it all up and remember that once the winter snow coddles me into a lull and the scenery will be incredible with increased snow fall. I’m told we are going to have a long hard and very snowy winter this year. Hmmm I’ve heard that before. We’ve had winters where it would snow a foot, melt and a few days later it would snow another foot, melt off again.

However beautiful it is, I’ll be counting days until Spring because spring brings beauty and rebirth. Summer (too hot) follows then my favorite season begins shortly thereafter. Autumn! Okay, you know where I’m going with this right?

Winter for me sucks overall. My bones ache with the chills the cold gives me, it makes my hips and back ache so bad I hate to move, I get depressed as many others do. And most of all I get stuck at home due to severely bad roads. Thank the good Lord I have a deli and market next door! I don’t have to go far to get supplies. Mostly Mountain Dew, Honey Buns and a grinder (Sub/Hoagie) every now and then when the craving strikes. And they keep the Skittles, M&M’s and Nerds stocked.

Since My Dad passed away in 2004 my mom and I never had a real Christmas. Our holiday celebration was me shopping, cooking and serving a dinner of her choice (big smile) and watching the SyFy channel until she was ready to head to bed. I’d do the dishes and head home. This year I don’t get to do that as she had passed December 2nd. If it were not for my husband I’d have said “Christmas is dead”.. but even if I wanted to I’m reminded I’m not alone and there is reason to celebrate in some way, shape or form. Christ’s birth, and yes my husband is big on Christmas. It means a lot to him as he’s informed me we are going to have a tree (although small) and some decorations. He’s pretty much bought me my gifts (but I’ve seen him hunting in Walmart as he wanders off and I find him (I hide at the end of the isle around the corner). So I know he’s got something up his sleeve.

My question is this. Is Snow a bad 4 letter word for you or do you relish in it? Do you even get snow where you are and if not what would you think it would be like if you’ve never experienced it first hand?

I always tell myself I’d never miss it…

I know deep down inside I would. I have a ton of memories of childhood snow excursions and it warms my heart. I’ve never learned to snowboard or ski, but I’ve sure done a mass amount of sledding and snowmobiling with my dad, I’ve dug snow forts in snowbanks, climbed a tree and jumped out of it and landing in the snow in a big flume of “snow dust”. I’ve ran halfway down a huge hill and slid on my feet the rest of the way, built snowmen and made snow angels. I’ve gone ice skating on a brook with my dad and I’ve gone ice skating on a pond on a sunny Sunday by myself. Had snowball fights and went trail blazing in the snow with our dog. I also remember lugging wood into the cellar for the wood stove too.

Yes tons of wonderful memories and those so many years ago I always looked forward to winter vacation from school. And now the first snowflake makes me cringe until I get over the initial shock and get used to the bitter, blustery cold. After that I’m all about the winter wonderland.

Well I guess this ends today’s post. I’m still reeling and rocking with going through my mother’s belongings and getting our house organized.

God Bless!

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