Fashionable Friday

Can you believe it’s Friday already? The weekend is here and I’m wish listing fashion outfits. Affordable? Probably not. Stylish? I would have to say so!

I’m not one to actually go out shopping for fashion. I’m more interested in cute comfort. I went through the giant t-shirt phase with jeans. I went through the light t-shirts and sweat pants & yoga pants. Now I’ve been all about the leggings and shirts that are stylish, inexpensive and comfortable. I’ll have that as a Fashionable Friday – Closet Clothes after the new year. For now though here is my fashion wish list for this week. Maybe an after hour party or meeting the crew at the local hangout.


& Other Stories top, $95; H&M pant, $60; Isabel Marant earrings, $90; Diane Von Furstenberg bag, $348; Target shoes, $35;

No I wouldn’t pay the prices for myself. Hence a wish list. Love the whole ensemble and especially the shoes!

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