Positive Influence


Life is what you make of it.

Is there truth to it? We’ve heard it through the decades. In my lifetime I’ve heard it and have said it at least once a week. But I now sit back and wonder.

My thoughts and ideas float into the unknown.

Our lives may be meager and we spin our wheels trying to make it fuller, and more greener like on the other side of the fence. I’ve seen what’s on the other side of the fence in my neighborhood. It’s not greener and I really thought I lived a sad and desperate life. The sad truth is, I was when I didn’t have my parents in my life daily. I was when I had no home to go to at the end of the day. I was when I was cold, alone and unsure of what was next. Tomorrow wasn’t promised. Today is a blessing. Stepping out of my shoes and peeking in the window at my own life. It was a meager existence that I never thought would change.

Now less than a year later from standing at the edge of merely existing and craving something more. Just a little bit more. I now know that Life really is what you make of it. At least in my own personal world.

I’m happy, content and I have a life I can share with others. I’m not just somehow “Here” and trying to find happiness and fulfillment by comparing my life to everyone else. I’ve noticed that there are many out there who put on a mask and pretend everything is perfect. When in fact they are more miserable than I thought I ever could be. Then there are those who realize that we’ve got something we never knew we had. We share it, spread it like a virus. It’s called positive influence. The smile you give when you pass someone on the street or in the store. That offer to help someone carry their heavy bag, help the mother at the store who is a couple dollars short from feeding her children by paying the little extra she’s short. Donating food, or your coffee money so a child doesn’t go hungry.

I get more from doing something positive and caring for others. My life is no longer meager. It’s completely what I’m making it. Of course I also have a wonderful husband who does it too, and we do it for each other.

Random acts of kindness & Passing it along creates a bubble that keeps the negatives out.

Don’t let your life be meager.

Help someone else, smile at a stranger. You don’t know it but you may have just saved a life, or even kept a family together. You may have prevented a senior from having a heart attack or falling. You don’t know how much that small act might have changed someone’s life or their way of thinking in a positive way. And you can get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you just did something for someone else, and forget about your own woes for a few minutes.



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