Abandoned Silence


Craving the quiet. Nothing is silent. Even abandoned buildings have haunting noises that echo throughout.

For once I just want everything to be silent for even just one hour. Not the deaf silence where your other senses pick up the noises. I mean everything just goes still. I’ve searched far and wide. Nature still makes sounds. The trees rustle and share their stories, birds sing songs in the branches and ghostly animals rustle through the leaves and brush. Earplugs let noises seep through into my solace of quiet. Abandoned buildings speak sharing the stories they beg to share with me. Ghosts and phantoms passing.

Is there anything or anywhere that I can find that silent lull to soothe me?

A silent whisper. Always remains. My mind makes up the sound of the air moving around me. The clouds seem to be lightly brushing each other.

You will never know what it’s like for the world to be silent. Non-moving, almost non-existent. How I would love for that one hour. Just one hour of the surrounding world to be silent.


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