Today was unplanned and no time limit.

I seriously despise scheduling my day if there’s nothing major to do. Today is a fantastic doing things on the spur of the moment kind of day. For today I know exactly what I want to do and below is a list of TO DO’s

  • Relax with a cup of coffee and blogs
  • Go to Ford Dealer and get fender and door checked because of door getting stuck on the fender (UGH)
  • Do dishes and clean kitchen
  • Sort through tote of mom’s belongings
  • Vacuum rug in bedroom and sweep floor
  • Make bed
  • Jump on Facebook and update my friends
  • Check e-mails
  • Get Christmas cards ready to be mailed
  • Curl up with a hot cup of Cocoa and my book for about an hour
  • Knit on loom and work on hooded scarf I started in October
  • **Somewhere between Making bed and checking emails have lunch
  • Work on puzzle and watch TV for a bit
  • Get dirty laundry together, sorted and ready for the laundromat tomorrow
  • Fix stand’s wheel (Yep it’s missing) and get dolls put back on it.
  • Make dinner
  • Knit on loom and watch television
  • Put a basket of clean clothes away
  • Head for bed and read OR knit on loom some more

And that is my day!

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