Paths We Choose


You’ve been traveling the road of life and come to a fork in the road. You know nothing of where they lead but you know the consequences of each road. Do you choose according to the severity of the consequences using your inner compass? Or do you choose blindly hoping and praying the consequences are worth it?
Personally I’ve done both. They have led me where I am today and I think if I had chosen differently I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Sometimes I had to choose blindly because my compass was broken or I misplaced it. Funny how that happens now and then. There had been and sometimes still are the paths or roads in front of me that I’m unsure of what the consequences are. In that case I have to go with my curiosity.
Choices of direction in our lives are at times paved with good intentions regardless of the destination in our lives. Other times it’s temptations that are negatively influencing. Either our peers, addictions or just bad judgement because of being rebellious. Either way we are who we are because of our compass. That inner compass that is supposed to be the guide in our lives.
The paths you’ve chosen, regardless of the hurdles, potholes and downed trees that have delayed your destination or changed your perspective, you are you. Unique and individual. You have a choice regardless of that compass pointing North, South, East or West.


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