On The First Day of Christmas


On the first day of Christmas, my brain doesn’t work for me. Yep there you have it. I said it out loud actually. We have a very tiny, scraggly fake tree up that I found in my mom’s belongings. A hand full of decorations and lights in the windows. I think I have the ingredients for our Christmas meal which is going to be a huge brunch instead of a dinner. We invited my husbands daughter and her son for Christmas dinner. But she has plans in the evening so I’m going to be cooking everything at 5:00am Christmas morning and they will be coming over before the afternoon starts. I actually like the idea of Christmas meals for lunch. Then my stomach can settle in and I can pick at left overs in the late evening. Sneaky aren’t I?
So the reason why my brain is not working is I’m trying to figure out a present for my husband still. What I wanted to get him, I can’t. So now I have to figure something else out. We kind of already got presents early but I want to get him that one special present.
I received a toaster, mini Kureig, coffee maker and my wedding ring set. The ring set he got sneaky after buying me a smaller stone to place on my finger. He saw the set I now wear that he put on my finger on our wedding day, and HAD to get it. I managed to get him 2 all season tires for the car and a jump start pack that he also very much needed. I wasn’t going to let him drive this winter on bald tires and have to worry about whether the car would randomly go dead or not.
But it’s that one very special thing that I want to get him. To express how much I love him, appreciate him, and how grateful I am for everything he does for me. He on only a rare occasion tells me “No”. I’m a spoiled queen. And he is my spoiled king.
So on the first day of Christmas I am trying to find that one special item for him.

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