Too Much Ignorance


Some times I wonder if some people have the brains they were born with. Being a people watcher everywhere I go, I notice things that most wouldn’t. I don’t want to notice them, I don’t try. People watching comes naturally due to my social anxiety, insecurities and fears. I find it hard to relate to most people.
For example, Our neighbor upstairs. She’s got major health problems as well as being a drug addict. She allows drug dealers and other addicts in her apartment. Which for the most part isn’t the main problem. The main issue is they have guns, drugs and a few love to rob people. They don’t care who the victim is or what they get from the robbery. Drugs, Money… It’s all the same to them. They stomp, fight, move furniture at all hours of the night and blast the music (which for me drives me into a fury) with rap that has nasty lyrics. I don’t mind music in general but when it’s so loud that it sounds like I have my stereo on and turned up it’s an issue for me. I don’t. I’m rather quiet. I can’t relate to them in any way period. They have no respect for others or themselves for that matter.
Because of that I don’t leave the apartment without my husband if I can help it. I stay inside with the doors locked, curtains closed and minimal lights. I’m terrified at the most. However I don’t take attitude from any of them when they do confront me. Like the other day. The music was so loud I couldn’t even have a conversation with my husband or hear anyone on the other end of the phone. Talk about me being snarky! I was beyond pissed off. Beyond irrate. I banged on the pipe with a hammer, hit the door frame with it too. Then a few minutes later I get a knock on the door. My husband being home, I had a lot of courage.
Anger I can relate to.
I swung the door open and saw a drug dealer and a local girl who is known to rob people at the store next door’s ATM. He stood on the stoop looking at the floor and asked “What’s the problem?”
The problem? Seriously you are asking what my problem is?
“You don’t live here, don’t belong here. You all keep us awake at night until 3am, music blasting.” at this point he’s standing as though he’s a child being scolded when I hear the girl yell at me “I do live here!”
Umm lets see, last I knew it’s a one bedroom apartment, you are not on the lease. You don’t live in that apartment or any here. You are couch surfing and taking advantage of the woman upstairs. Not really saying this but thinking it.
“This sh*t has to stop. I will call the cops, I don’t care anymore. Keep it up and there wont be a reason to knock on my door.”
He shook his head and turned back to me. At which point I pointed my finger.
“It’s done, over with. It stops now!” and I slammed the door in his face
My only thought at this point was the fact that they are disrespectful, ignorant and just plain careless. They don’t know me and I don’t drink or do drugs and I wont tolerate anyone who does it. Truth is Pot doesn’t bother me. It’s the crack, heroine and pills they do, sell and do it out front of my window.
I can’t relate to people like that. I don’t understand them and I don’t want them around me period. I just want to drink my coffee, watch my t.v. shows and be able to talk to my husband without having to yell, and I want to be able to get a good night’s sleep.


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