On The Second Day of Christmas


On the second day of Christmas, I am watching horror movies. Actually I am. SyFy movies. But I’ve got a few things to organize in the kitchen, sweep, mop the floors then I’m not sure exactly what I want to do. Hubby is working so it’s me time again.
I’ve been wanting to write. Flash Fiction, Short Stories and yes a novel or novella. I can’t make up my mind on which one. I also am trying to debate on exactly how I want to go about it.
My choices:
post everything on a blog
Post flash fiction and short stories on blog then write the novel/novella separately then share tidbits.
New blog just for writing, book reviews, and reading lists. and keep my own writing private until I decide to share.
Just write with no blog at all and keep it all to myself.
Don’t write and regret it
I probably have more choices for starting out. I’d like feed back. I do love to read so getting a variety of genres and authors is not a problem. I heard or read somewhere online or in a book by Stephen King something like “Write, Read and read some more.” So I had in the past, started a book review blog but somehow real life decided that blogging would have to be postponed. I also had started several writing blogs at various times that went practically no where. I just didn’t have the time or energy due to my living situations.
Now stable with living arrangements, an encouraging husband and all the time in the world, I’d like to pursue my little dream. I’m told stop debating and just do it. The decisions of where and when to share as well as what to share will come about when it’s ready.
I wish NANOWRIMO ran all year around each month of the year. But it doesn’t. There is November’s month of crunching out a novel, and then there is camp but that’s only limited with time as well. Of course I could give myself my own camp or challenge with goals each month. That sounds like fun in it’s own way.
I do know I want to write in the Horror genre. I guess I could say that’s a start. Do you see a pattern here? I’m all gaga about horror / post apocalyptic – zombie. I can’t help it. Dawn of The Dead really got me hooked. Anyhoot, I suppose it’s that time to put my first foot forward and get a start. If I don’t start now…
I never will.

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