On The Fourth Day of Christmas


On the fourth day of Christmas, I woke up to snow, sleet and ice. Seriously. I kid you not. I received a winter storm warning on my mobile last night and I personally don’t take weather warnings to heart. New England. Hello!? The weather here changes on a dime. We could have a forecast for snow of 3 to 5 inches and receive a warm rain for a week. I take them into consideration if I wake up and I notice at least some of the forecast is true in part. But I never bet the farm on the forecast being 100% correct. I’ve lived in Vermont for 45 years. Literally I’ve seen a forecast and get the opposite, or even 5 times worse than what they portray it to be.
My husband ventured out with the car early this morning. Other than possibly having to make a car payment later (I’m hoping it can wait for better roads), I’m not venturing outside for anything. I may peek out the front door and take a picture or two for Instagram but I’ll be hell bent and out of sorts if I really have to get dressed, bundled up and grab the OH-SHIT BAR as we creep our way down the hill and over the bridge. Nope, no way, no how. I want my hot cocoa and marshmallows, comforter and SyFy channel today. I want to spend the day bundled up on the bed, watching TV with my husband and debating if I want to put my slipper socks on and brave the cold floor to bake a white cake with vanilla frosting. Make more cocoa and love up on the furbaby.
I’m not adulting today if I don’t have to!
Be safe, be warm and be happy I say!!

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