On The Fifth Day of Christmas


Photo Courtesy of Pexels


On the fifth day of Christmas, I’ve spend the day freezing. Yes I did, I’m not joking. For some unknown reason I’ve had a bone chill since waking up at 5am. Doesn’t help with the heat not kicking on when it should, and it didn’t help walking on a cold tile floor off and on. The only time I wasn’t shivering is when I used the oven to make garlic bread and buffalo chicken wings. Or when I was snuggled under the comforter passed out.
I had to shout to my husband about 4 times all day as he’d hear a noise or commotion outside and swing the door open and stand there looking. O.M.G. Dang hun, your cooling off a freezing apartment. I’m frozen and I see the heat going out the door. In the mean time I’m trying to do dishes and there’s no hot water.
What a day!
Well a few good things came of it. Really, I wouldn’t joke about that!
We managed to get some de-wormer for our fur-baby and he wasn’t upset about having caramel flavoring in his food. Actually he scoffed almost every morsel and proceeded to sleep in the rocking chair. Content and purring. I got a long nap in and I have been able to blog quite a bit and write a good chunk of flash fiction without any disturbance.
I’m kind of anxious about Monday. Yep I’m cooking for Christmas! I hope hubby has an iron stomach because it’s a gigantic ham! Not sure if his daughter and grandson will be coming due to her car having issues and I’m a bit hesitant on having her drive over with it even though she’s about a mile away. I saw the issues with the car and I’m having her dad call her and ask her if she’d like to give a rain check and come over for dinner when the car is fixed. I don’t like her driving anymore than she has to. He agrees with me.
Besides I’m not so much in the HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS mood.
I guess I’ll just wait and see.
In the mean time I think I’ve got an idea for a Christmas blog post. Hang on to your hats and stop back for a bit of a giggle and head shake. Or maybe you will get big eyes and shout out “YES, I REMEMBER THAT!”
Until tomorrow.. Be warm, be safe and don’t drink & drive!

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