Unknown Expectations


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay


I’m bent out of sorts in a large way. The end of 2017 is only hours away and that means the end of the old and beginning of the new. My mind is all for the new year. My heart isn’t.

2017: I finally found my soul mate and I also married him. We met and I thought only of him as a friend whom I had no romantic feelings…so I told myself. I fell head over heels in love with him. We found in each other, what we had searched years for.

2017: I finally realized I can’t take life for granted. I lost my dad back in 2004 to cancer and I wasn’t given a chance to grieve over him. I wasn’t allowed to. So losing my mom the beginning of December of this year I realized that I need to enjoy life, enjoy the days I have sharing them with my husband. Not to take anything for granted. And not to hold any ill will towards anyone or have a bad thought. Negativity only shortens a persons life.

2017: I finally found a church and church family I never thought was possible. They are an amazing group of people who always put other’s first. Love flows from our church and our Pastor Sue is an amazing woman as well as a sweet and caring person and pastor.

What do I expect of 2018? What should I expect?



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