So Sneaky It’s Scary


I am sneaky. Very sneaky and it’s scary. Well at least for my husband and cat. I always have either my tablet, phone or my Maximus II in tablet mode and guess what I enjoy doing? Scratch that, guess what I LOVE doing?

Yep you guessed it. Taking candid photos of them. Mostly my husband in the car while he’s driving or at home sleeping. Don’t ask why the later. I just think it’s funny to catch him sleeping innocently and snapping a picture. I did have snapchat and at one point did an alien with the cat staring at me and a bear with my husband snoozing. But it’s fun and I’ve been told NOT to post my husbands candid pictures and snapchat videos on Facebook. But the cat says nothing of the like. I think at times he would love his own Facebook page! I’m not kidding. He has posed for me and he’s adorable. He’s not a Grumpy Cat but he’s a formal kitty. He wears a tux and he’s always being oh so proper until he thinks no one is looking. Perfect for his crazy moments.

A couple of candid moments of my husband and my fur baby:

Top pic was him starting to hide his face after I scolded him for getting on my Maximus. He was trying to hide his head in shame. Bottom Left is my husband talking a mile a minute pulling out of a parking spot and I snapped the pic as he accidentally rolled over the very edge of the curb and he saw the phone at the last second. Bottom right is one of Tux when he got done cleaning his belly while sitting up against my pillow leaning forward over his gigantic belly and he rolled a bit sideways. I was a little late snapping it.

Candid photos are fun and can be embarrassing for those who had been the subject. Makes me giggle like crazy!



Week 2 – Behind The Scenes


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay


What scenes are we talking about here? To tell you the truth I don’t have a whole lot going on behind the scenes. I pretty much curl up on the bed, watch television and work on my Bujo, blogs (mostly lately my Bujo Blog), housework, cooking and whatnot.

My typical day not including appointments and errands are basically as follows:

  • Wake up – Get coffee brewing – Bathroom routine – Grab my cup of hot coffee
  • Feed Tux
  • Daily Devotional
  • Morning Dishes
  • Bujo, Challenge on WRITTEN IN PINK, Post challenge on Instagram and facebook
  • Daily prompt on this blog unless I get caught up with creating in Paint Shop Pro for WIP blog
  • Breakfast & dishes
  • Floors
  • Work on future Bujo spreads
  • Take nap
  • Check emails, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (I have Twitter but rarely touch it).
  • Dinner & Dishes
  • Check blog traffic
  • Curl up with tv and a book
  • Grab a snack and watch a horror or action movie
  • Drink my 2nd big travel bottle of water & vinegar (I drink between 2 and 3 a day)
  • Cuddle with husband & then crash for the night

And there you have it.

Evading Agility

I’ve become sporadic in posting daily due to starting a new project that I’m having fun with but for some reason every other day I grab a new notebook and start over. Umm Hello?! So I do apologize and will post a daily prompt as often as I can. Once I get this project going the way I want then I’ll post here more often.

In the mean time today’s daily prompt is Agile. Hrmmm. What’s that? I don’t know one bit about agile. I’ve never had agility in my entire life. I couldn’t even run well when I was a child. We played kickball in grade school and low and behold I’d either miss the ball with my foot or I’d get taken out 5 feet away from home plate. I couldn’t hit a softball if my life depended on it and ever since I can remember I’ve always stumbled, tripped and bumped into things or smashed my head on the coffee table. Please don’t ask about that last one. It’s rather embarrassing even though I was a toddler.

My parents were always afraid I’d fall and rip the back of my head open. Probably with good reason. Now I’m older and have had practice walking I don’t trip and fall as often. However I still bump into things and if I was to run I’d tip over into the ditch. I really wish I was agile. To be able to play sports, jog and even do yoga without making myself look like an idiot.

Maybe someday I wont care one way  or the other but right now agility is a bit important to be able to get around without someone guiding me and holding me up 😉



Monkeying Around



Photo Courtesy of Pixabay



I have to be out of my mind writing this post on my notebook in tablet mode. I’m entertaining myself while my husband sleeps. I’m left watching pythons, boas and anacondas on the tv. He’s got the remote and I don’t want to wake him up.

I was told at the end of  church, that today is a lazy day. Entertainment isn’t my forte at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s entertaining someone else or myself. It’s an effort of waited energy in my own opinion. So my plan after posting here is to work on today’s Boho Berry Challenge, post it and finally curl up with my coffee and read until I get hungry or fall asleep.

I hope you have better luck trying to entertain than I am.