Activity Therapy


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To treat my mood swings and restlessness I take medications but I also do a lot of other hobbyish (is that even a word?) things. I find myself very bored extremely fast. I start one project and get into a feeling that it’s not distracting me anymore, so start another. I can have anywhere between 3 and 7 projects going on at once.

For example as of right now I have some projects going.

  1. Loom knit scarf – since Oct. 2017
  2. Crochet scrap blanket – since Sept. 2017
  3. Husbands blanket – Since Sept. 2017
  4. 30 adult coloring books all of which I slowly try to fill. I color when I’m stressed.
  5. Sketching. I have trading cards I sketch as well as tattoos of which at some point I’ll share
  6. Journaling which includes everything from doodles, actual writing and random images I tape or glue in.

Then there’s just the everyday enjoyment of Blogging, Bujo, Writing, TV shows, Movies and playing with the furbaby. I also find enjoyment in house work too.

I don’t treat myself with meds because I enjoy it. I have to take them or I explode randomly. I get extreme manic episodes that can last for days and they are always lows.

I don’t treat myself with the activities I do just for the sake of keeping myself busy. I treat myself this way to distract myself, keep my hands busy and because if I don’t do activity therapy all I do is eat and sleep.



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