To Brand Or Not To Brand


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay


Everywhere I look online blogs have taken to Branding. I’ve had slight issues with this as I’m unsure if a personal blog should be branded and if it’s even viable. I know the majority of money making blogs are. When I was doing digital scrapbooking our branding was our previews and our blog layouts.

I’m just unsure where to begin with branding a personal blog. I’m unsure if it’s worth the effort if I can figure it out. I’m absolutely confused as to whether it’s viable to do so or not.

Sometimes success and failure are worth the chance and risk. I’m just not a money making blog and I really don’t want my personal blog to advertise and make people feel like they are being flooded with ads when they visit just to read something personal.

Seriously is it viable to brand a personal blog?

I’d really like your personal opinion/insight on it.



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