Evading Agility

I’ve become sporadic in posting daily due to starting a new project that I’m having fun with but for some reason every other day I grab a new notebook and start over. Umm Hello?! So I do apologize and will post a daily prompt as often as I can. Once I get this project going the way I want then I’ll post here more often.

In the mean time today’s daily prompt is Agile. Hrmmm. What’s that? I don’t know one bit about agile. I’ve never had agility in my entire life. I couldn’t even run well when I was a child. We played kickball in grade school and low and behold I’d either miss the ball with my foot or I’d get taken out 5 feet away from home plate. I couldn’t hit a softball if my life depended on it and ever since I can remember I’ve always stumbled, tripped and bumped into things or smashed my head on the coffee table. Please don’t ask about that last one. It’s rather embarrassing even though I was a toddler.

My parents were always afraid I’d fall and rip the back of my head open. Probably with good reason. Now I’m older and have had practice walking I don’t trip and fall as often. However I still bump into things and if I was to run I’d tip over into the ditch. I really wish I was agile. To be able to play sports, jog and even do yoga without making myself look like an idiot.

Maybe someday I wont care one way  or the other but right now agility is a bit important to be able to get around without someone guiding me and holding me up 😉



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