Week 2 – Behind The Scenes


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay


What scenes are we talking about here? To tell you the truth I don’t have a whole lot going on behind the scenes. I pretty much curl up on the bed, watch television and work on my Bujo, blogs (mostly lately my Bujo Blog), housework, cooking and whatnot.

My typical day not including appointments and errands are basically as follows:

  • Wake up – Get coffee brewing – Bathroom routine – Grab my cup of hot coffee
  • Feed Tux
  • Daily Devotional
  • Morning Dishes
  • Bujo, Challenge on WRITTEN IN PINK, Post challenge on Instagram and facebook
  • Daily prompt on this blog unless I get caught up with creating in Paint Shop Pro for WIP blog
  • Breakfast & dishes
  • Floors
  • Work on future Bujo spreads
  • Take nap
  • Check emails, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (I have Twitter but rarely touch it).
  • Dinner & Dishes
  • Check blog traffic
  • Curl up with tv and a book
  • Grab a snack and watch a horror or action movie
  • Drink my 2nd big travel bottle of water & vinegar (I drink between 2 and 3 a day)
  • Cuddle with husband & then crash for the night

And there you have it.

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