Restart And Refresh


I ended up talking to a friend who thought I should restart this blog fresh. The one thing I’m really worried about is it turning into a jumbled mess again.


I do apologize for those who had liked and commented on posts. I still have them in my archives and will not be getting rid of them. I hope you still follow me regardless, but will understand if you don’t.

Pretty much this blog will be Daily Prompt posts as well as other tidbits and bits. I will try to keep things interesting. If there is anything at all you would like me to post about please feel free to comment on a post and let me know. I will do my best to give you reads that you want.

Have a wonderful day/evening/night and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Oh Boy!


Oh Boy! It seems like I’ve been away forever. I had gotten myself hooked into a project and got carried away with it. It’s a Bullet Journal. Then I had a family emergency which took all my time, attention and things have finally quieted down. I’ve gotten so far behind on the 52 Week Challenge that I’m thinking I have to buckle down and get caught up or give up on that entirely and get back to Daily Prompt. I’d like to do both but I’m also blogging on a more personal blog. Hence I believe my best bet is to disregard the challenge, delete the two posts I’ve done and put my fingers to the keyboard.

On another note I’m also trying to find a real purpose for this blog. I really don’t know what I want to do. The blog name and the domain I purchased have seem to have slipped past my interest as well as my life in general. Things are no longer strange. They are more hectic and full of more structure than when I first started this blog. So I suppose you could say I have some major thinking and decision making to do.

I can only do what is best for me, my interests and my sanity!