Everyone is conversant in something right? I hope so or the world may be in serious trouble! Okay that was my attempt at a little sarcasm before my first cup of coffee and I can tell it failed just a bit. That is something I am not conversant in until mid afternoon when I’ve been irritated by every person I come into contact with. There actually is quite a bit I’m familiar with and not all of it is good, nor all bad. Depends on your perspective I guess.

I’m definitely conversant with our cat. Very familiar with his mannerisms, habits, demands. I can read his body language. Mostly with me he’s totally relaxed and demanding cuddles and tummy rubs. He also sits on my hip first thing in the morning. His way of waking me up and saying ‘Hey, Mom get your butt up and feed me, I’m starving here!’ With my husband he gets very irritated and likes to bite and claw at him. Boxing to tell him to back off. My husband is rough and doesn’t realize how much Tux doesn’t like scratches on his belly and sides. Tux loves gentle pets and very light rubs. I’m the soft gentle parent. He is definitely a woman’s cat. A major momma’s boy. Tux is also conversant of me. He senses when I need head butts, nuzzles, cuddles and snuggles. He also knows when I don’t have a good attitude, meows at me and curls up at the foot of the bed and proceeds to give me the cringed eyes and purrs waiting for me to call him up to sit with me.

I’m also conversant with my husband. I can read him like a book and that scares him. He can’t think without me knowing what’s on his mind. He can’t have a bad day, nor can I we always make each other smile and laugh regardless.

In essence our home is harmonious with all of us being familiar with one another. Conversant relationships in our house is a total must. No ifs, ands or buts about it.