Creativity Downer


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Until January 1st I am left forlorn. I have started a Bujo (Bullet Journal). Unfortunately I have to use one of those gnarly journal books that doesn’t leave much for creativity. I have to wait to get to Staples so I can get a dotted journal and the other supplies I need. I’m left complaining, almost in tears every time I open the journal book.

It’s insane when you want to be creative and organized but are left to use the supplies you have and they aren’t working out. Forlorn for expressing myself, growing and becoming productive. It’s sad. It’s a downright shame.

I’ll stay forlorn for another whole 23 days, and I’m hoping they don’t drag!


Funnels To Potholes


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Funny this word came up considering I had a dream that contained a blue funnel. But that’s not what I’m going to blog about today. I know don’t tell me, I need to stop teasing about subjects and just get on with it. Okay so here it goes:

Have you ever had times in your life where it felt like you were stuck in a whirlpool only to be sucked down the bottom? I was actually thinking that life can be like a toilet. Not everyday, but just every now and then. When things go wrong, keep going wrong and go from bad to worse. Then in a sudden rush your on your way to the bottom of the…

Well I wont go there, that’s for sure. But don’t you agree that life’s funnels can be a bit intimidating and makes us feel for sure unsure and desperate? Drowning in the proverbial crapper and that the funnel seems never ending?

This seriously sounds like I’m having a down day doesn’t it? Like I have a new ticket for the ride? Nah. Not at all. I haven’t been in a funnel since before I met my husband. Now instead of funnels I have pot holes.



Perfect & Precious


Today I ponder the word Winsome and the world invades my thoughts. I at times think the world has too many problems, too many wars, too many unhappy people. Yet I also have to think that there are many qualities that loan themselves to be winsome.

Today’s winsome item is the gracefully formed snowflake. Perfect in every way yet only a short span does it exist. Precious in that it fragility is the melting as though it cries and drowns itself.



Allergic To Help?


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There’s so many things in the world that people can be allergic to. Latex, Nuts, and seafood just to name a couple. But I’ve come to call something that my husband hates to do, is afraid to do or just thinks because I’m a woman I don’t have a clue an out and out allergy. That thing is asking for help.

He reacts to my offers as though someone who is allergic to something. That initial “Oh My God!” and shakes his head only to walk away. Is he allergic to asking me for help…or anyone for that matter? Or is it something else?

I’m personally allergic to Latex. I’ve not found anything else in my entire life that I can’t eat or drink.

I do believe that people can be allergic to actions, people and maybe even those then turn to phobias if left to time and severity.



To Brand Or Not To Brand


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Everywhere I look online blogs have taken to Branding. I’ve had slight issues with this as I’m unsure if a personal blog should be branded and if it’s even viable. I know the majority of money making blogs are. When I was doing digital scrapbooking our branding was our previews and our blog layouts.

I’m just unsure where to begin with branding a personal blog. I’m unsure if it’s worth the effort if I can figure it out. I’m absolutely confused as to whether it’s viable to do so or not.

Sometimes success and failure are worth the chance and risk. I’m just not a money making blog and I really don’t want my personal blog to advertise and make people feel like they are being flooded with ads when they visit just to read something personal.

Seriously is it viable to brand a personal blog?

I’d really like your personal opinion/insight on it.