Suck It Up


Sundays are relaxing for me with the exception of today. The morning started out about as messy as they could get.
I was knocking my shin into a tote every time I went to the kitchen, My coffee got spilled in the back of the car all over the food we brought for Fellowship at church, my bible was on the floor board in the backseat and noticed it was stepped on, and had mildew on it. It was my first bible I received from the pastor when I joined my church and she wrote in the cover. It means a lot to me and it’s pretty much ruined. Upon slipping out near the last 15 minutes of service to get things set up for Fellowship I tripped on the rug in the hall between the sanctuary and the Fellowship room. I ended up pouring water into the coffee brewer too soon and the lasagna that was brought in and stuck in the oven an hour earlier really didn’t warm up at all. After all was said and done I sat down to eat and managed to get sauce from the lasagna on my white shirt (I got married in it and wear it only for church now). Humpff!
Ok so there was no bliss this morning. Now? Well other than the stomping upstairs by the neighbor’s visitors things are a bit better. Not bliss as of yet but slowly getting there.
Total bliss would be had if I was curled up in my pajamas, slipper socks and robe on the bed, watching movies. Which by the way are never decent movies when I want to watch them. And I’d have my kindle in one hand, my coffee in the other whilst bundled up with my soft cozy comforter. So since no good movies, I’m watching re-runs on SyFy, listening to my husband snore. Slowly being lulled into curling up and passing out myself. But too much sleep during the day keeps the wicked up all night. Yes I said wicked. I get grumpy, grouchy or plain ol’ snarky when I don’t sleep at night.
My other option for bliss would be found in going on a Sunday drive, heat cranked, camera in hand while my husband drives and taking pictures of everything possible. Stopping for lunch at a small diner in an unknown town and then heading home to snuggle with the furbaby. Well that’s definitely out of the question. He’s snoozing if you recall and I’m not waking him up even to find some bliss.
So I will suck it up and find solace in posting here, drinking my coffee and then finding my book to read for a bit.
Bliss is ever the elusive desire!