A You Moment


Is being cozy a frame of mind? In a way I believe it is. But I’ve found that to get into that frame of mind, I personally have to have the right surrounding, drink, clothes and yes that beloved comforter. I don’t have a fireplace, or a recliner to put my feet up. However my cozy involves my leggings, a giant t-shirt, a cup of hot coffee or cocoa (with marshmallows and whipped topping), a good book, movie, laptop or curled up in my husbands arms listening to his breathing and feeling his heartbeat.
That last thing is the most soothing part of my day. Although I also cuddle with our furbaby Tux too.
Cozy can be whenever you need to relax. Where ever you are. What ever you decide to do (or not to do). Cooking comfort foods brings a cozy aura into the house, or the smell of a scented candle. Soft music playing in the background. The purr of a content kitty.
I spend a lot of my time being cozy and I don’t go out in the winter much unless I absolutely have to.
So get into your pajamas, sweatpants, leggings or yoga pants. Whatever you wear to be comfortable and content. Grab that coffee, tea or cocoa, a good book or your laptop. Turn on the music or find a good movie. Curl up under that comforter, soft fuzzy throw blanket and cozy up for a very relaxing, content and much needed you time!