In The Everyday


I keep coming back to the same theme now and then. Call me a believer. To me the miraculous happens everyday. I’m not talking about the Heavenly Miracles that people pray for when they are faced with a crisis. I’m talking about the things we take for granted everyday. For me this is a huge part of my life. I used to think that life was a given and what ever happens, happens and has a reason for happening. Good or Bad life is what it is. But I realized my own perspective has changed. I don’t take for granted the everyday things. I cherish them. We don’t have a promise of a tomorrow and we are only here on this earth for a limited amount of time and for each of us that time is different.
What is miraculous?
Having Hope is Miraculous. Hope gives us a reason for going on each day, that things can be just as good or even better. That someone cares. That we aren’t alone.
Having Faith is Miraculous. Something to believe in, that there is something waiting for us that makes all of the days we have worth it.
Joy is Miraculous. To be joyous in our lives doesn’t have to be grand. It can be the little things. Smiles, laughs, random acts of kindness, doing something for somebody else. Or even having something done for us by someone else unexpectedly. There is so much fear, hate, fighting, killing and insanity in this world that finding your joy can keep you from falling apart. Keep you happy in the little things, the goodness that still exists.
Love is Miraculous. A friend of mine once said something about ‘Love knows no bounds… Love is what it is, love is love.”. Of course she said a lot more than just that. But that is what stuck in my head this past year. And Love creates miracles. They may be great or they may be small and seem just a bit insignificant. My dear friends Love is never insignificant regardless of the size of the miracles. A child is born, taking his or her first breath, a mother who tried years to get pregnant sees her newborn for the first time and the miracle of love, unconditional love is a bond that forms for life. A woman who’s been through all sorts of pain and fear in her life, in previous relationships sees a man who happens to have had the same kind of past. Suddenly feel a connection and they can’t seem to stop thinking about each other, can’t help but find reasons to run into each other . An unconditional, binding and blind love forms that forsakes all else and all others. They are each others sunrise and sunset.
To me, in my own opinion a person can find one miraculous thing in their life each day. I challenge you to find yours for 30 days in January. I know you can do it!