So Sneaky It’s Scary


I am sneaky. Very sneaky and it’s scary. Well at least for my husband and cat. I always have either my tablet, phone or my Maximus II in tablet mode and guess what I enjoy doing? Scratch that, guess what I LOVE doing?

Yep you guessed it. Taking candid photos of them. Mostly my husband in the car while he’s driving or at home sleeping. Don’t ask why the later. I just think it’s funny to catch him sleeping innocently and snapping a picture. I did have snapchat and at one point did an alien with the cat staring at me and a bear with my husband snoozing. But it’s fun and I’ve been told NOT to post my husbands candid pictures and snapchat videos on Facebook. But the cat says nothing of the like. I think at times he would love his own Facebook page! I’m not kidding. He has posed for me and he’s adorable. He’s not a Grumpy Cat but he’s a formal kitty. He wears a tux and he’s always being oh so proper until he thinks no one is looking. Perfect for his crazy moments.

A couple of candid moments of my husband and my fur baby:

Top pic was him starting to hide his face after I scolded him for getting on my Maximus. He was trying to hide his head in shame. Bottom Left is my husband talking a mile a minute pulling out of a parking spot and I snapped the pic as he accidentally rolled over the very edge of the curb and he saw the phone at the last second. Bottom right is one of Tux when he got done cleaning his belly while sitting up against my pillow leaning forward over his gigantic belly and he rolled a bit sideways. I was a little late snapping it.

Candid photos are fun and can be embarrassing for those who had been the subject. Makes me giggle like crazy!