Confessed Sins



Everyone has a skeleton or two in the closet. Some have more than others. Most are negative in one way or another. I have had enough negativity for one year. So lets get it off my chest. I have two things to confess.
I have not made any New Year Resolutions because within the first five days they go out the window, down the drain or into the trash bin. What I have done is made 2018 Goals.
I am a Baptist and although I go through the motions and make it to church every Sunday unless I’m really sick, I tend to leave most of everything Godly at church. Don’t get me wrong. I do have God in my life everyday. But my sins are many that I can’t say I live my example. I don’t. I don’t pray everyday, I cuss like a sailor, I don’t say prayers before meals, I lose my temper and lash out, I use the Lord’s name in vain and I don’t do daily devotionals or write in my prayer journal.
My goals for 2018 turn my confessed sins into a work of progress. As well as quitting smoking, give up sugar and eat low carb foods. Making healthy living decisions on a daily basis. I also have made the goal to practice Christian Life on a daily basis. To put God first.
I also have to confess that I have hateful and spiteful thoughts regarding my neighbors. I have no patience, I don’t understand their reasoning for doing the things they do and I don’t lend a hand or ear to any of them except for one person in the building.
I’ve known this old man since 2009 and he is one of the town drunks who was living on the streets. He is the sweetest old man I know and people are always taking advantage of his drunkenness. When going through my mother’s belongings, my husband and I realized we didn’t have room for a lot of her furniture. We ended up giving him a bed, a loveseat, and a couch. I have a box of curtains and a new pillow to give him as well. Favoritism? Maybe. He deserves much more than he gets from most of the people who know him.
But by everyone else’s standards I am known as (I’m using plain, blunt wording I’ve heard them use), The Royal Bitch Downstairs.
Another thing to confess? Yes. I am a R.B. and I don’t care if that’s what they say about me. And yes it bothers me to feel this way.